Review!! Harris: Alpha One Security – Jasinda Wilder

Four Stars

Harris and Layla are from the Alpha series that revolve around Kyrie and Valentine. This is their own little book after all the ordeals from the Alpha series and the first book in the Alpha One Security series. We’re moving onto the team that Harris has put together for his new business. I imagine every books will focus on a different member of Alpha One Security, Thresh’s book is next and I’m really excited for that one because he is hilarious. Anyway, onto this book!

I really enjoyed this book for certain reasons, as well as had issues with this book for certain reasons.
Let’s start with what I liked:
We get to go deeper into the world of Harris and see what he’s really about and get even more background on him than we did before. We start to see his and Layla’s relationship progressing and going strong, because I’ll be honest, I was nervous for them with their track records of relationships and essentially sucking at them. Finally introduced to the entire Alpha Team and they all have very unique and colorful personalities, they bring a good vibe to the book and how the team operates. As expected for this series spin-off, there is lots of panty soaking sex scenes in it, so that’s a plus in anyones book.

WARNING! May contain spoilers at the **

What’s not a plus and literally the only reason I gave this four stars:
This book is novella length, stops at 66% because there are two previews in the back of it. I’m always ok with that, it’s not the issue I have. My issue is the above mentioned sex scenes take up so much of this book that I felt it should have been longer for more story or less sex with the same page count, either would have been fine. The problem with the sex is it almost took away from the storyline, resulting in this not being as awesome of a plot as the Alpha series had. And the last thing that drove me crazy in this book is Layla, unfortunately. I love that Layla has a backbone, more heroines need them, but she was kind of out of control in this book, to me anyway. **(I have no idea if what I’m about to say counts as a spoiler but just in case, wouldn’t want to ruin things for people.) She didn’t want to listen to Harris when he said he didn’t feel comfortable with her going on a certain mission, so essentially threw a mini fit in her head, followed him to LA like he asked her not to and schemed to get him to change his mind using sex. Then when he had the upper hand and used sex to persuade her to go back home, she flipped the eff out, even though she was basically going to do the same thing. Layla thinks she can just jump right in and be one of the crew who have enormous amounts of military background that she doesn’t, but that’s overly ridiculous. Do you want to know what Harris’s main reason was for not bringing her onto the crew besides her lack of training and experience? Because she can’t take orders, or chooses to defy them when he gives them, like all the time. She even did it for a second in Omega when he shot people in Brazil and she was trying to have sex with him after he said they really needed to leave. That whole scene I was like, WTF?..end rant.**

I still liked the concept of this series and did like the book in general, getting to know Harris and Layla more and see into their relationship past Kyrie and Valentine. So I’m going to read Thresh’s book next, I just hope it’s not the same issues, but we can only see.